Global Conference: Marketing Mobile App

Manage the selection and implementation of the conference mobile app, as follows:

  1. If a new mobile app vendor will be used, research potential vendors using the list of app specifications from the Executive Director, as well as budget. 
    1. Set up demos for vendors that meet the minimum criteria and fit within budget. Include the ED and Conference Co-Chair overseeing Marketing on the demos. 
    2. Develop a full list of app specs compared with the list of requirements, including responses the vendor had to questions from the group. Submit the list to the Conference Co-Chair and ED. The final app vendor is approved by the ED and Conference Co-Chair.
    3. Work with the selected vendor to obtain a draft contract for the ED to review and approve. 
  2. Design the app and upload all information. Important: wait as long as possible to do this, as the information will change up until the last week of the event, and it will take longer to make changes once the app is live. 
    1. Make sure all conference sessions are included in the functionality to provide feedback.
    2. Use the master schedule in Smartsheet for the conference schedule. 
    3. Obtain local information from the web site. 
    4. Obtain site maps from Connections. 
    5. Obtain sponsor and exhibitor logos and descriptions from OneDrive (in the folder that contains the logos for the printed program).
    6. Send the draft app to the ED and Conference Chair to review before going live. 
  3. Communicate with the Marketing Co-chair working with collateral about signage needed to promote the mobile app on-site, as well as information to provide it in the printed program. Obtain imagery from the app company to assist with this. 
  4. Create a schedule for app notifications to be distributed on-site. Send it to the Conference Co-Chair and ED for review. Enter the details into the Master Schedule in Smartsheet.