Global Conference: Programs

The Programs Committee selects the speakers and determines the topics for the conference programming. 
Utilize the navigation tabs on the left side of the page to view the specific tasks associated with the committee responsibilities. Note that the overall conference schedule and activity offerings are determined at the leadership level based on resources and bandwidth on a year-to-year basis. Some activities in the SOPs might be put on hold each year based on overall goals and capacity.

See the Conference Policies for speaker definitions registration requirements.

What makes a successful Programs Committee?

To ensure conference programs are inclusive and relevant to all CSEA members, the Programs Committee should be diverse and representative of all areas of MBA CSEA membership, including: small and large schools, ranked and unranked schools, international schools, part-time programs, specialty masters programs, employers, directors, seasoned professionals, and any other target segments as defined by the organization. Committee members should be open to new ideas, have a collaborative mindset, and have ability and desire to make decisions with the interest of the greater membership in mind. Committee members should avoid conflicts of interest that might cloud judgment or decision-making, such as a relationship with a particular speaker or vendor.