Global Conference: Sponsors & Exhibitors FAQ's

  • How can I receive one invoice for all three MBA CSEA Conferences?
    Refer them to the Executive Director for a custom invoice. They will still register for each conference separately, through each conference’s web site.
  • Can I pay for my package before registration opens?
    Refer them to the Executive Director. Depending on if the site is set up yet, they may be able to pay by check or credit card in advance.
  • Do I pay the member or the non-member rate (where applicable – for exhibitor packages)?
    Refer them to the Executive Assistant. She will check their membership status in the system and respond to them.
  • Do sponsors have the opportunity to provide input into the event or item they are sponsoring?
    These decisions are made by the committee and staff based on historical information, budget, etc. Sponsors are not able to contribute to decisions such as food provided for a food-sponsored event, speaker selected for a keynote sponsor, nametag holders, etc.
  • Do sponsors get to select the placement of their advertisement in the printed program?
    These decisions are made by the committee, staff and the design firm based on a number of factors such as number of ads in a given year or other design elements.
  • What if I only have one person attending the conference? Can I have a reduced rate?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a reduced rate for the sponsor or exhibitor packages. Companies only bringing one person have the option of purchasing an affiliate registration instead of an Exhibitor Package if desired, but that does not include any of the items that come with the Exhibitor Package such as branding or space in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Can I have some members of my team only participate in the Exhibit Hall, for a reduced rate?
    We do not offer Exhibit Hall-only passes. All attendees must be registered for the conference. If the company doesn't have enough passes within their package for all of their team members, they can purchase a one-day registration.