Global Conference: Programs Spotlight Programming

Spotlight Programming includes everything other than the keynote speakers, plenary sessions, and breakout sessions, such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Standards session (work with Standards Committee chair(s).
    The Global Conference typically includes a standalone session for the Standards for Reporting Employment Statistics (in addition to breakout sessions, as determined by the Standards Committee). The Standards Committee creates the content for this session. The Conference Committee simply makes sure it's a part of the schedule and captures logistics information from the speakers (A/V, etc. - see Communications & Logistics)
  • Employer, or other, roundtable discussions
  • Small group discussions
  • Large group discussions for segmented groups. 
    This includes the directors session, which is a closed session for Career Center leaders only, and the employers session, which is also closed. In recent years, additional functional sessions were also held for Career Coaches, Employer Relations and Operations professionals. Note that the Conference Policies apply to all speakers selected for these sessions. These sessions are considered breakout sessions in terms of speaker requirements. If late changes are made to the speaker line-up, the new speakers must be vetted by the committee and the speaker policies before being approved
  • New Member Orientation
    The Membership Committee and Executive Director manage this event for new members, including developing the content and sending out promotions. The Conference Programs Committee makes sure the event is included as part of the overall conference schedule and is on the web site, etc.
  • Friday Programming
    If unique programming is utilized on Friday (i.e. non-breakout sessions), this committee manages those. Note: Friday programming is needed so that some attendees can justify staying for the gala the evening before. Programming should be kept to a minimum, in order to maximize resources and ROI. One session only should be coordinated, typically after breakfast. Suggestions for programming could be: a sharing session for people to talk about the things they learned at the conference (this was called the "Soundoff Session" years ago), an opportunity for people to meet in small groups to talk about common pain points, etc.). 
  • See Conference Policies for conference sessions that are guaranteed a spot in the programming.
  • In addition to the details outlined on this page, see the Communications & Logistics section of the Programs Committee SOP's for a list of items needed for all sessions.