Global Conference: Programs On-site & Post-Event

The Executive Director and Connections Housing are the only contacts for on-site communications with the hotel. The ensures we remain in a positive position to be able to negotiate our requests and needs from a holistic point of view. It also minimizes confusion and conflicting requests, which helps maintain a positive relationship with the hotel. All questions and requests from the committee should go directly to the Executive Director.

Programs Committee On-site Responsibilities:

  • Serve as "handler" for keynote speaker and plenary speaker/panelists as needed. Communicate with them about when they will arrive, and have them contact you when they are at the hotel. Attend technical checks if available (tech checks are managed by the Event Manager and ED).
  • Distribute gifts for speakers, if used (contacted the ED to determine if gifts are provided).
  • Committee members will typically introduce the keynote speakers, as well as plenary sessions if needed. Work with the ED when the minute-by-minute on-site schedule is created to determine needs. 
  • Provide volunteers to assist with audience Q&A during the keynote and plenary sessions as needed. 
  • Note that the ED and Event Manager are the only people who can provide instructions to and make requests of the hotel staff during the conference. This helps strealine decisions and minimize confusion.