Global Conference: Sponsors & Exhibitors Outreach Process

  1. Once the prospecuts is approved, the Executive Director sends the “Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors” for all conferences .The communication is sent to the full master outreach list, which includes all current affiliate and employer members, previous conference sponsors/exhibitors, and other vendors that have been added to the list. The committee can also add new vendors to the list as needed. 
  2. After the Executive Director has sent out the initial "Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors," the S&E Committee reaches out first to the companies who purchased an exclusive package the previous year to offer first right of refusal for the same package. The ED will provide the list for first right of refusal, in priority order. When offering this first right of refusal, it's best to provide each company with a deadline by which to respond in order to secure their package (one week if possible, with an email and phone call reminder during that timeframe).  If another company (not part of the first right of refusal) reaches out to the committee before this time period has passed, let them know that we will have more information about opportunities available after a certain date.
  3. The sponsor and exhibitor committee members for all conferences will be provided with access ot the shared master outreach list in Smartsheet. Next, the committee reaches out to organizations on the list (provided each year by the ED). The templates in the file sharing system can assist with this outreach. Note: any emails sent to the entire list in bulk need to be sent by the Executive Director through the organizations’ communication system, in order to comply with privacy and SPAM laws. The committee should aim for at least three email communications and two phone calls to each company on the list, with additional communications sent to companies that have supported the Global Conference in the past (especially in the last year or two). Each outreach is tracked in the master list, so that all committee members can see the progress being made. A separate sheet within each individual conference's workspace in Smartsheet will be used to keep track of the companies that have confirmed. As those companies regsiter, the Executive Assistant will track their registration and other details. 
  4. The Committee can answer questions from sponsors if needed. (see FAQs). Note that a lot of questions can also be answered by checking the prospectus. If a question can't be answered, refer them company to the ED.
  5. When companies register, they will upload the items needed for their package, such as their logo, company description or advertisement for the printed program. After the initial sponsor and exhibitor registration deadline, the Executive Assistant will reach out to them to gather any outstanding items and remind them to register all of the attendees that are included in their package. The Assistant will also keep track of all details in the confirmed sheet in Smartsheet. 
  6. The Bookkeeper will follow up to make sure the companies have paid.
  7. Depending on space availability in the Exhibit Hall and the number of exhibitors who have signed up, it’s possible that additional tables may be offered to existing exhibitors. Check with the Executive Director about the best time to offer this opportunity, and the amount it will cost.
  8. Provide input into the Exhibit Hall layout for the hotel. The ED and Connections will create the first draft for the committee to review/edit.