Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Provide input into the Sponsor and Exhibitor prospectus/menu before it's approved. Note: the only packages that can be purchased are the ones in the prospetus. We are not able to create custom packages or alter the items in each package.
  • Identify additional vendors that have not been involved with MBA CSEA in the past but might have an interest in participating, and conduct outreach to them. Add their contact information to the master list.
  • The Executive Director will send the Call for Sponsors & Exhibitors to all companies on the Master Vendor List. Once that is sent, the committee members reach out to companies on the vendor list individually to see if they would like to participate. Note that first right of refusal is offered based on previous contribution levels. The Executive Director will provide additional guidance about this, as well as the timing for outreach based on the other conferences.
  • Sponsor outreach process:
    • Send individual emails to each company (to all contacts at the company). To identify all contacts at a company, select the "+" button  next to the company name in the Smartsheet file, and this will show a list of the additional contacts. Note: bulk emails to all companies on the list cannot be sent by commtitee members due to SPAM laws. The Executive Director sends all bulk emails through the communication system, to allow for unsubscribes.
    • Utilize the outreach templates in the committee's folder in OneDrive as a starting point. These can be edited and personalized as needed for each outreach. Note which sponsors are returning vs. new as indicated in the columns in Smartsheet. It's recommended that committee members personalize the outreach as much as possible. For example, if you are a client of a company that could be mentioned. You could also mention something about their products and how you think our members could benefit from them.
    • If companies ask questoins you aren't able to answer, refer them to the Executive Director.
    • Enter notes from your outreach in the "2021 outreach notes" column in the master vendor list. Once a company is confirmed, enter the details in the "2021 Confirmed" column. Details should include the type of package they want to purchase. The Administrative Assistant will follow up to ensure the company registers and assist them with session selection if applicable.
  • If needed based on the technology platform, develop incentives for conference attendees to engage with the exhibitors such as games and prizes. The Executive Director will provide more information about the options available within the platform.