Membership Committee SOP's

The Membership Committee focuses on the retention of members in the MBA CSEA. The committee coordinates programs and activities that encourage new members to remain active and take advantage of their membership benefits. Since member retention is an organization-wide initiative, the committee works closely with other areas as follows:

  • Board of Directors: focuses on rentention of all members, with a specific focus on target member populations as directed by the Strategic Plan. Board members have a vested interest in maintaining membership, and therefore focus on member satisfaction across all programs and services that they work with.
  • Executive Director: oversees the organization’s committees and communications plan; serves as a liaison among all committees to ensure ongoing communication and coordination of membership retention activiteis. The Executive Director is a member of the committee and the leadership team, and should be included in all committee and leadership communications, as well as informed about any items that will be brought to the board for consideration.
  • Conference Committees (Asian, European, Global): conference committees manage logistics and promotional details for the conference. The Membership Committee works with them to coordinate the timing for New Member Orientation or other activities. 

Committee deliverables are outlined here.

At least one of the Membership Committee chairs is typically a member of the Board of Directors and manages communications between the committee and the board, ensuring that the committee’s activities are aligned with board objectives. Membership Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for conducting regular meetings with committee members in order to update progress and make decisions. Co-chairs should ensure that an agenda is sent in advance of the meeting, and that minutes are taken during leadership calls and distributed in a timely manner. 

The Membership Committee utilizes collaboration tools for timeline management and file storage. Committee members receive access to these tools when they are added to the committee roster.