Member Onboarding Committee: Deliverables

The Member Onboarding Committee manages retention and onboard efforts for new members in the following ways:

  • Follows up with new members after their first event attendance to ensure they are taking advantage of membership benefits. Outreach can include email and/or phone call follow-ups. A list of talking points is prepared in advance, and frequently asked questions are tracked for future reference. See the committee's folder in OneDrive for talking points.
  • Manages New Member Orientation events and/or activities at the conferences (virtual or in-person).
    • Works with the Executive Director to determine timing based on the overall conference schedule. The Executive Director manages all logistics. 
    • Creates content for the sessions, utilizing information from previous years’ events. Sends the content to the Executive Director for review before finalizing. Note: The Executive Director introduces the events. 
    • Develops networking activities for members to get ot know each other and ensure interaction.
    • Works with the Board Liaison to coordinate the board’s involvement in the events as appropriate (particularly at the Global Conference if it's in person, since all board members are in attendance). Involvement typically involves an introduction at the beginning, and then a few board members staying for more interactive participation throughout the event.
    • Developes an email for the ED to send to those who have registered for the event in advance of the conference, to welcome them and field questions.
  • Coordinates additional onboarding activities as needed and determined by the committee, which may incude introductory webinars, virtual coffee chats, FAQ's, etc..