Member Onboarding Committee SOP's

The Member Onboarding Committee focuses on the retention of new members in MBA CSEA. New members are defined as those who have been members for three years or less, with a focus on the first year of membership. The primary goal of the committee is to help new members learn about the organization and keep them engaged.

The Membership Committee utilizes online collaboration tools for timeline management and file storage.

Committee deliverables are outlined in the navigation links on the left side of this page.

Committee Leadership Roles

Executive Director
  • Oversees and is a member of the committee.
  • Is included in all leadership and committee communications and committee debriefs.
  • Schedules committee meetings.
  • Is consulted about anything the committee will be bringing to the board.
  • Distributes committee-related communications to the membership, including mass emails sent to all new members.
  • Coordinates logistics related to New Member Orientation at the organization's conferences.
  • Manages technology for virtual new member engagement activities. 
  • Serves as liaison among all MBA CSEA committees, assisting with opportunities for cross-committee communication and collaboration when needed.
  • Hosts a debrief call each year to discuss successes and note suggestions for future committees. 
Board Liaison
  • Serves as an additional resource to ensure the board and committee are working closely together.
  • Communicates the board's strategic goals to the committee on a regular basis, and ensures they are accomplished through committee work.
  • Is a member of the committee and is included on committee communication and leadership calls.
  • Provides regular committee reports to the Board of Directors, and communicates feedback from board meetings to the committee as appropriate.
  • Submits the committee's budget requests (if any) to the Treasurer each year.
Committee Co-Chairs
  • Host regular meetings with committee members to update progress and make decisions.
  • Keep the Executive Director and Board Liaison up to date on committee progress in between meetings.
  • Set and distribute an agenda for committee meetings, with input from the Executive Director.
  • Ensure that minutes are taken at the meetings and distributed in a timely manner after the meeting has concluded (Note: the co-chairs are encouraged to delegate this responsibility to one or more committee members).
  • Assign committee members to subcommittees/groups if needed, and mange those groups; host subcommittee calls and email exchanges as needed.