Conference Policies: Other Policies

  • Conference attendee lists will be available to all registrants via the conference website (with the exception of those who elect not to have their name listed, as per our Privacy Policy). The lists will not include attendee contact information. See MBA CSEA’s privacy policy for more information.
  • The Conference Committee and the Board will discourage any organization or group from hosting an event or meeting during the conference that is not inclusive of all conference attendees, (either on-site or off).  The hotel will forward all requests for meeting space to the Executive Director. Approved activities should be planned during a time that is not in conflict with any conference activity.  Costs and all arrangements associated with the activity will be the sole responsibility of the organization requesting space. Organizations hosting a pre or post conference event will make separate arrangements with the hotel; advertise the workshop separate from the conference and in no way leverage or profit from the conference.
  • Gifts: For the Global and European Conferences, a small token of appreciation will be provided to the following conference speakers
    • Invited keynote speakers who are not paid to speak
    • Plenary session speakers who are not paid to speak
    • Gifts will not be provided for paid keynotes or breakout session speakers.
    • Due to cultural expectations, small gifts will be provided for all speakers at the Asian Conference. The gifts will not exceed $15 each.  
  • ‚ÄčLocal schools and employers will be discouraged from providing welcome gifts to all attendees in order to ensure uniformity and consistency with all represented organizations.
  • Media Policy: MBA CSEA considers conferences and media activities to be separate. As such, the conferences are not considered media events. The presence of media might inhibit sharing among conference participants. Individual requests from media should be directed to the Executive Director so that alternatives can be proposed.