Professional Development Committee: Resource Groups

MBA CSEA Resource Groups provide opportunities for members to connect virtually to discuss topics of mutual interest throughout the year. Each group has one or more leads, who participate in Professional Development Committee calls to provide updates and synergies among the progamming.

Resource Groups are divided into the following topics:

  • Specialty Masters Coaching
  • Working Professional MBA's
  • Career Center Leaders (i.e. Directors of Career Centers)
  • Employers
  • Employer Relations
  • MBA Coaching
  • Operations

Group responsibilities are as follows:
  • Host regular phone calls to discuss topics of interest to the group. The frequency and cadence of the calls is determined by the group, but should be flexible so that all group members have an opportunity to participate. The calls can be open-ended, but some facilitation is recommended in order to keep the group engaged and on topic. 
  • Utilize the online community for each group to discuss issues and share information in between calls. Appoint someone among the group to be a Commuinty Champion for the community. The Champion's role is to post regular topics and articles to start the conversation. Examples of posts include news articles, best practices, etc. Contact the Administrative Assistant for questions about our issues with the community.
  • Serve as a resource regarding the group's professional development needs, communicating this information to the Professional Development Committee Chairs and Executive Director. Provide regular updates regarding the group's needs and points of interest to the PD Committee.
  • The ED and PD Committee Chairs should be invited to all group calls.

Group membership/marketing:
  • Group leads are selected by the Professional Development Committee Chairs and Executive Director, with assistance from past group leads as needed.
  • Groups are open to any MBA CSEA member whose role within their organization qualifies them to join, based on the group's topic (i.e. career coaches join the coaches group, etc.). Membership is year-round, and is primiarly promoted during the conferences, quarterly emails sent by the Executive Director, and the association web site.
  • Group rosters are accessible within thhe Professional Development Committee's workspace in Smartsheet, and should be updated on a regular basis as members are added to or removed from the group.