Professional Development Committee: Webinars

Webinars are virtual programming conducted as a means of educating members about current topics and issues and providing programming to a broad member base. 
Topics are determined by the Professional Development Committee based on current membership/market trends and needs, as well as data collecting from MBA CSEA members (see above).

Content Sourcing

  • Expert presenters can be selected based on their knowledge and experience of the topics agreed upon by the committee. This can include MBA CSEA members or outside presenters. If funding is needed for speaker fees, submit a budget request to the Treasurer and Executive Director in July/August when the budget requests are made.
  • Conference programming that is highly rated could be repurposed/represented.
  • Conference programs can be recorded and played as a webinar. This is particularly useful for the Asian and European conferences, since many people aren’t able to attend those.
  • Breakout sessions that were submitted for consideration for one of the conferences, but were turned down, can be presented as a webinar.
Vendor policy
Vendors who present information in a webinar format must provide a value-add as directed by the committee, as well as co-present with a school or employer member and ensure their program will not be a sales pitch. This is consistent with conference vendor policies and ensures the content is value-add and useful for our membership.

Webinar Participation

Webinars are typically open to MBA CSEA members only. On occasion, the committee may decide to open a webinar to non-members as a promotional tool. If this is the case, the webinar can be promoted by various groups, depending on the target audience. For example, if it’s open to prospective employer members, the Board and the Membership Committee might be asked to help promote it. If webinars are open to non-members, be sure to do a brief introduction about the organization in the opening remarks.