Recruiter Benchmarking Survey

Do you wonder how the size and structure of your MBA recruiting team compares with other companies? Are you looking for industry benchmarking about source of MBA hires, internship conversion, or other recruitment-related data?

MBA CSEA invites you to participate in our 2022 Recruiter Benchmarking Survey!

Why participate?

  • Get an in-depth look at MBA recruiting on a global scale
  • Learn how your internal operations compare with other organizations 
  • Gather data to help with strategic decision-making
All survey respondents will receive a comprehensive report with access to an in-depth analysis of the results. The full results from the survey will only be shared with those who participate.

What's different about this survey?

This survey was designed FOR recruiters, BY recruiters. It dives into specifics about your MBA recruiting structure and answers common questions you may have about how other companies are operating. The resulting data is a robust look at how recruitment programs are structured.


The survey will close Friday, December 2.


The survey is administered by MBA CSEA staff. All information provided will remain confidential and will only be shared in aggregate.
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