Resource Group Committee SOP's

One of the biggest benefits of membership in MBA CSEA is the networking and connections. Members find the orgainzation to be a great resource to develop relationships with people who share common interests. MBA CSEA Resource Groups bring people together based on common interest and job function to help make the relationship development process easier. Groups are formed based on member request/interest.

Current Resource Groups

  • Alumni Career Services
  • Career Center Leaders
  • Employer Relations
  • Employers
  • International Students in the U.S.
  • MBA Career Coaches
  • Members in Europe
  • Operations
  • Specialty Masters Programs
  • Working Professional MBA Programs

The Resource Groups Committee consists of the leader/co-leaders of each Resource Group. The committee meets throughout the year to share best practices for group engagement and report on successes. MBA CSEA committees run July - June of each year, with the committee chairs being selected by the Executive Director and President each July.

Committee Tools
The Resource Group Committee utilizes MBA CSEA tools, including:
  • Smartsheet - a web-based project managment tool that includes the group roster and project plans, if used.
  • OneDrive - an online file sharing service where all committee and group resources are stored.
  • Online virtual meeting tools - MBA CSEA has a Zoom account that can be used for group meetings, if needed. Alternatively, group leaders may choose to use their institution's meeting software.

Resource Group Roles & Responsibilities

  • Host regular phone/video calls to discuss topics of interest to the group. The frequency and cadence of the calls is determined by the group, but should be a minimum of quarterly. The call times should be flexible and rotate so that all group members in all time zones have an opportunity to participate. The calls can be open-ended, but some facilitation is recommended in order to keep the group engaged and on topic. Call format ideas include:
    • Virtual round table discussions about topics of interest, such as current events or common challenges. The group chair determines questions in advance and facilitates the discussion.
    • Best practice sharing from group members. If a group member is doing something innovative within their institution, they might want to share this with the group. Keep in mind that if the topic is globally applicable, it might be better to ask the group member to present it as a webinar for all MBA CSEA members. Contact the Executive Director to facilitate that connection.
  • Serve as a resource for MBA CSEA leadership and other committees regarding the group's professional development needs. This is done in the following ways:
    • Provide regular updates about topics of discussion to the Executive Director and Resource Groups Chair, as well as the overall Resource Groups Committee. The Executive Director will facilitate connections among the board and other MBA CSEA committees to ensure collaboration. This helps ensure the organization is aware of and focused on the needs of the membership.
    • Actively participate in the online community that corresponds with the topic for the group. Encourage group members to post regularly in the community to start conversations. Examples of posts include news articles, best practices, etc. Note that the online communities are open to all MBA CSEA members. There may be people in the community that are not part of your resource group. The community is not the primary source of communication for the resource group. Rather, it serves as part of the group's role in ensuring the topic is top of mind to the overall MBA CSEA membership. Group leaders might want to utilize the event functionality within their individual community to promote the resource group. Notes from group meetings should be saved in OneDrive, not within the community. Contact the Administrative Assistant for questions about our issues with the community.
  • Group members may decide to divide into subgroups based on more specific interests or to dive deeper into specific topics. This is welcomed and encoruaged. Subgroups should keep the group leadership informed about topics of discussion.
  • The Executive Director and Resource Group Chair should be invited to all resource group calls.
Online Communities:

As noted above, online communities are formed for each group's topic, to serve as an additional tool for all MBA CSEA members interested in that topic. Specific communities can be found here:
Group Membership/Marketing:
  • Group leaders are selected each July/August by the Resource Group Committee Chair and Executive Director, with assistance from past group leads as needed.
  • Groups are open to any MBA CSEA Premium Member whose role within their organization qualifies them to join, based on the group's topic (i.e. career coaches join the coaches group, etc.). The only groups that are exclusive are the Career Center Leaders (open to the senior most person responsible for MBA/Masters career services at each school), and employers (open to employers only). Group membership is year-round, and is primiarly promoted during the conferences, through emails sent by the Executive Director, and the MBA CSEA web site.
  • Group rosters are accessible within thhe Resource Groups Committee's workspace in Smartsheet, and should be updated on a regular basis as members are added to or removed from the group.

Committee Leadership Roles

Executive Director
  • Oversees and is a member of the Resource Groups Committee.
  • Assists with selection of committee leadership and members. 
  • Is included in all leadership and committee communications and committee debriefs, including all group meetings.
  • Is consulted about anything the committee will be bringing to the board. In the absence of a Board Liaison to the committee, provides a regular report to the board about the committee's progress.
  • Uses institutional knowledge to provide guidance and leadership for committee decisions, keeping in mind long-term goals and implications.
  • Serves as liaison among all MBA CSEA committees, assisting with opportunities for cross-committee communication and collaboration when needed, such as organization-wide webinar or other presentations. 
Committee Chair(s)
  • Works closely with the Executive Director to oversee the work of the committee.
  • Assists with committee composition and committee member selection.
  • Hosts regular meetings with committee members to update progress and make decisions if needed.
  • Keeps the Executive Director up to date on committee progress in between meetings, as needed. 
  • Sets and distributes an agenda for committee meetings, with input from the Executive Director as needed.
  • Ensures that minutes are taken at the meetings and distributed in a timely manner after the meeting has concluded (Note: the co-chairs are encouraged to delegate this responsibility to one or more committee members).

Resource Group Chair(s)
  • Hosts regular group meetings.
  • Distributes an agenda prior to each meeting.
  • If notes are taken during the meeting, upload them to the MBA CSEA OneDrive folder.
  • Attends Resource Group Committee meetings to update the group on committee progress and share best practices.