Resource Group Chairs: Group Membership & Marketing

How are group chairs selected?
Group leaders are selected each July/August by the Resource Group Chair and Executive Director with assistance from past group chairs as needed. If there are group members who show leadership potential and interest, please let the Executive Director know.

Who can join a Resource Group?
Groups are open to any MBA CSEA school or employer Premium Member whose role within their organization qualifies them to join based on the group's topic (i.e. career coaches join the coaches group, etc.). The following groups are exclusive to their specific audience:

  • Career Center Leaders (open to the senior most person responsible for MBA/Masters career services at each school)
  • Employers (open to employers only)
To ensure the groups are able to freely discuss all topics of interest (including products and services used), affiliate members/vendors are not able to jjoin resource groups. Group chairs can determine if/when vendors are invited to group meetings based on topic and value-add. Before inviting vendors to participate in a group meeting, please contact the Executive Director to ensure all factors and companies are considered.

How does a member join a Resource Group?
Premium school and employer members can join a Resource Group by completing the interest form, which can be found within their login at (on the left side of the page). MBA CSEA staff receive the interest forms that are submitted and add group members to each respective group's roster, which can be accessed by the group chairs within the Smartsheet workspace. If someone reaches out to the group chair about joining the group (or if they want a colleague to join), the information should be sent to the Executive Director so the individual's membership status can be checked and the form can be completed. This also helps ensure that MBA CSEA receives permission to share their contact information with group members.

Group chairs should remove members from the roster if they choose to leave the group.

How are Resource Groups promoted?
Members can join groups year-round. Groups are primiarly promoted during the conferences, through emails sent by the Executive Director, and through the MBA CSEA web site and social media. Group chairs can promote their group elsewhere if desired (through webinars, virtual round tables, the online community, etc.), as long as members are directed to complete the form within their login to join the group.