Resource Group Chairs SOP's

One of the biggest benefits of membership in MBA CSEA is the networking and connections. Members find the orgainzation to be a great resource to develop relationships with people who share common interests. MBA CSEA Resource Groups bring people together based on common interest and job function to help make the relationship development process easier. Groups are created based on member request/interest and the availability of a group chair. The primary goal of the Resource Groups is for people to develop deeper relationships with peers who have similar interests and challenges so they can call upon each other for collaboration and ongoing sharing.

Current Resource Groups

  • Alumni Career Services
  • Career Center Leaders
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employer Relations
  • Employers
  • European Members (members located in Europe)
  • International Students in the U.S.
  • MBA Career Coaches
  • Online MBA/Masters Programs
  • Operations & Data Collection
  • Specialty Masters Programs
  • Working Professional MBA Programs
The Resource Group Chairs meet monthly to share best practices for group engagement, ask questions, and report on successes. Resource groups run July - June of each year, with the group chairs being selected by the Executive Director and President each July/August.

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Resource Group Roles

Executive Director
  • Oversees all organizational committees and groups, providing institutional knowledge, guidance, and leadership to ensure volunteers have the resources they need to be successful. Considers long-term goals and implications of all decisions and advises group chairs accordingly.
  • Assists with selection of Resource Group chairs.
  • Is included in all resource group and leadership communications, including group meetings.
  • Schedules resource group chair meetings.
  • Serves as liaison between resource groups and MBA CSEA committees as needed, assisting with opportunities for cross-committee communication, such as organization-wide webinars or other presentations.
  • Is consulted about anything the resource groups will be bringing to the board. In the absence of a Board Liaison to the committee, provides a regular report to the board about the committee's progress.
  • Along with the Executive Assistant, tracks the Resource Group rosters to ensure members qualify to join the groups.

Overall Resource Groups Chair
  • Works closely with the Executive Director to oversee the work of the resource groups.
  • Assists with the selection of the individual group chairs.
  • Hosts regular meetings with group chairs to update progress and make decisions if needed.
  • Keeps the Executive Director up to date on group progress in between meetings.
  • Sets and distributes an agenda for group chair meetings, with input from the Executive Director as needed.
  • Ensures that minutes are taken at the meetings and distributed in a timely manner after the meeting has concluded (Note: the chair is encouraged to delegate this responsibility to one or more of the individual group chairs).

Individual Resource Group Chair(s)
  • Hosts regular group meetings (see "Responsibilities" tab for details about meeting frequency).
  • Distributes an agenda and/or topic prior to each group meeting.
  • If notes are taken during the meeting, uploads them to the MBA CSEA shared folder.
  • Attends Resource Group Chair meetings to update the group on committee progress and share best practices.
  • Communicates all changes to the group roster to the Executive Director.

Committee Tools

The Resource Group Committee utilizes MBA CSEA tools to help with operational efficiencies. Resource group chairs should become familiar with and encourage group members to utilize the applicable tools to ensure continuity.