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Learn how CSEA resources impact our members:

“Being involved in an organization that has set the standards for how I do my job is not only enjoyable, it has huge impacts on my success at work. I'll gladly volunteer every year the organization will have me.”- LaTanya Johns, Simon Business School, University of Rochester
“Joining MBA CSEA provided me with an invaluable wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities that I would be otherwise missing out on."- Roger Antoniazzo, Abbott
“Leveraging the CSEA network in this recent period has been very valuable for me. I’ve spoken with my counterparts all over Asia and the U.S. to see how we can support each other. I’m putting together an energy day, and I’m inviting the schools I’ve worked with in the CSEA network to participate.” - Fergus Kennedy, INSEAD Singapore
"MBA CSEA has allowed me to connect with colleagues globally that I would have never met otherwise. These are people who I have formed lifelong connections with, and I can't say that about a lot of other organizations I have been a part of. This is especially important in our current environment. We are #StrongerTogether and I am thankful for this community!" - Rebecca Krick, Talent Path (formerly with Wharton MBA Career Management)