Research & Trends Committee: Career Services Benchmarking Survey

This survey is typically conducted every other year, in late summer/early fall. School members are asked to provide operational data that is helpful for internal benchmarking. Key questions include salary information, budget, staff size, resources used, program size, etc. Due to the number of questions and in-depth analysis needed, the survey is typically administrated by  an external firm or contractor. The process for survey creation to completion is as follows:

  • School members of the committee and the Executive Director review the previous year’s survey and make notes regarding any changes or edits. Ideally, all committee members involved in this setp would have participated in the previous survey because the full results are only provided to those who participate.
  • The survey firm makes the requested edits and creates a draft survey for review.
  • The committee makes additional edits if needed, and the Executive Director approves the survey for distribution.
  • The firm finalizes the survey and distributes it to the membership. The Executive Director provides them with a list of member schools for distribution. The firm also creates the initial communication that is sent to the membership, which is reviewed by the Executive Director before distribution.
  • The Executive Director sends additional communications to the membership to encourage participation, including through social media. Committee members also assist with outreach if needed. 
  • The firm provides regular updates on the number of participants and conducts phone and email individual outreach as needed. 
  • Once the survey is closed, the results are compiled by the firm. Committee members whose school participated in the survey review the results and provide insight into the full report and Executive Summary, which are prepared by the firm.
  • The firm sends members a link to view the interactive portal where comparisons can be made.The Executive Director also sends an email to all schools who completed the survey, with a reminder about how to access the results. 
  • The Executive Summary is added to the web site, and distributed to all members and the media by the Executive Director. 
  • If possible and deemed necessary, a webinar is created and recorded so members may be educated on how to interpret and effectively utilize the data.
The full results of the survey and access to an online portal with additional comparisons can be conducted are only provided to the schools that participate in the survey. This serves as an incentive to participate. Non-participating schools may purchase the full survey report through their online account at at a price approved by the board (currently $399), but only survey participants receive access to the online portal. 

Executive Summary results from past surveys can be found on the MBA CSEA web site and in the Document Library.