Research & Trends Committee: Flash Surveys

The committee may develop flash surveys as needed to conduct research on timely topics. The purpose is to survey members in a quick way that provides instant results, rather than embarking on additional, more in-depth research questions.

Flash surveys are conducting using an online polling resource (polldaddy). Polls can only include one question, with multiple choice responses. If needed, schools can be asked to write in responses in the comments section. Polls questions and response choices should be very brief. The committee creates the survey questions, and the Executive Director creates the survey within the software and distributes it to the membership in one or more of the following ways:

  • Monthly e-newsletters to MBA CSEA members
  • Individual email 
  • Other mechanisms as needed

The committee is encoruaged to post the surveys in the online community.

A sample flash survey can be found here.

Archives from past surveys are available on the web site