Research & Trends Committee: Fall Recruiting Trends Survey

This survey is administered each year in late December/January, with a close date of early February. The survey asks school members to compare current and future recruiting trends with the same time period the previous year. The process to manage the survey is as follows:

  • The committee and Executive Director review the previous year’s survey and make notes regarding any changes or edits. The MBA CSEA Standards are consulted as needed, to ensure consistency (for example, with industry or function names). This process is best conducted by a small subgroup of committee members for expediency.
  • The MBA CSEA Data Analyst creates a draft survey for the committee to review. 
  • The committee reviews the draft survey and makes recommendations for additional edits, if necessary. 
  • The Executive Director provides the final survey approval and distributes the survey to the membership. 
  • The Executive Director and committee members send additional communications to the membership to encourage participation.
  • Once the survey is closed, the results are compiled by the Data Analyst. The committee reviews the results and provides insight into the full report and Executive Summary, which are prepared by staff.
  • The Executive Director prepares one or more media releases regarding the survey findings and distributes to the media, as well as to the membership via email and on social media. 
  • Committee members are encouraged to share the marketing pieces through social media, as well as to write blogs regarding their interpretation of the results and anecdotal information that they are seeing within their own organizations. 
  • If possible and deemed necessary, a webinar is created and recorded so members can be educated on how to interpret and effectively utilize the data.
Past Recruiting Trends survey results can be found in the Document Library, as well as on the MBA CSEA web site