Research & Trends Committee: Monthly Member Quick Surveys

Since March 2020, MBA CSEA has surveyed members on a monthly basis to provide ongoing benchmarking and trends regarding the impact of COVID-19 on institutions. The Research & Trends Committee provides input into the survey questions that focus on recruiting trends. The process for survey development is as follows:

  • An ongoing list of survey questions and ideas is kept in the committee's Smartsheet workspace.
  • During monthly committee meetings (or via email if needed), committee members discuss industry trends and what they are seeing in their institutions. The Executive Director also provides input based on what other committees and virtual round tables are discussing.
  • Survey questions are developed based on what the committee determines is most relevant at the time.
  • The Executive Director creates and distributes the survey to members via email. A reminder is sent a few days before the deadline to those who have not completed the survey. 
  • The Executive Director compiles and survey results and distributes them to the membership. A summary document is also sent to the media and shared on social media and online.
  • A list of previous summary survey results can be found here.