Conference Policies: Speakers

CSEA strives to maintain high quality, relevant, member-focused programming at all conferences, working within resource and budget parameters and constraints. Being selected as a conference speaker provides individuals and companies with a promotional opportunity that enhances their brand among conference attendees, as well as an implied endorsement of their organization and the topic for which they are speaking. Past experience has demonstrated a need for consistency and oversight in order to maintain a strong programming offering. As a member-driven organization, CSEA maintains policies for speaker attendance and registration in order to maintain consistency, quality and a preference for membership.

Speaker Outline

Keynote Speaker
Plenary Speaker
Breakout Session
Sourcing Invited by the committee
Invited by the committee (typically local to avoid travel cost)
Submits a proposal through the Call for Proposals. Can be invited if there is a programming gap (with prior approval)
Audience Speaks on the main stage, to all participants Speaks on the main stage, to all participants Subsets of conference attendees during concurrent sessions
Topic relevancy
All members
All members
A subset of the membership
Typically pay a speaker fee, travel expenses and one hotel night
Typically not paid, although a stipend can be given in special situations. Travel expenses are not paid.
Not paid to speak, nor for travel expenses. 
No school, employer or affiliate members/vendors
Schools or employers, no affiliates/vendors
Any member qualifies (see vendor policies for additioanl details)
Conference participation
Attends full conference complimentary. Can bring a significant other or colleague complimentary. Can have a colleague attend portions of the evnet in his/her place for virtual events.
Typically registers for the conference unless special arrangements are made upon approval. Can have a colleague attend portions of the evnet in his/her place for virtual events.
If a proposal is submitted to speak, the speaker registers and pays if attending the full conference. They may attend their session only without paying. If invited by the committee based on programming gaps (with prior approval), compilmentary registration on the day in which they are presenting may be provided.

Employers who are invited to speak may have a colleague attend portions of the evnet in his/her place for virtual events.


Other Policies

  • Keynote speakers will submit their PowerPoint presentation, or other conference materials for review, three weeks in advance. This will help ensure keynote speakers are not vendors and do not deliver sales pitches during their presentation, as well as ensure that the content is not offensive.
  • A list of recommended keynote speakers is reviewed by a subset of the board before any asks or made. This ensures the speaker appears to a broad audience and is aligned with strategic priorities. 
  • All breakout programs for the Global Conference will have at least one registered school or employer member (at the time of the conference) included in the speaker roster.  The programs committee will ensure that the presentation has educational merit. For the Asian and European Conferences, all programs must have an employer or school on the speaker roster. Efforts will be made to include members whenever possible. Exceptions may be made to this policy for non-member speakers with whom the organization has a strategic partnership (i.e. GMAC or AACSB), and/or those who do not qualify for membership (i.e. an immigration attorney or admissions representative).
  • ‚ÄčThe conference committee will provide a summary of session feedback from attendees to breakout session presenters within a reasonable timeframe after the conference.
  • The conference committee will provide a programming track for all attendees including employer, new and seasoned career services professionals and international attendees.
  • The Global Conference will include programming session slots in breakout scheduling for the following annual programs:  1) GMAC Corporate Recruiter Survey Results (presented in conjunction with the Research Committee); 2) Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics Training (presented by Standards Committee); 3) Innovation Award session (hold space for selected awardee). Note: The Innovation Award session is not guaranteed to take place each year and is determined by the Awards Committee award winner. The European and Asian Conferences will include a programming session slot for the Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics training.
  • The program proposal submission process will clearly communicate the criteria of being selected to present, membership status and acknowledgement that all participants MUST be paying attendees, exhibitors or affiliate participants.

Video Walk-Through

This five-minute video provides a high-level walk-through our our speaker policies: