Standards Committee: Responsibilities

Standards Review & Updates

Reviews market and industry trends and ongoing questions from the membership, and uses that information to recommend changes to the Standards. The Standards Consultant keeps an ongoing list of questions from the membership to assist with recommended changes. Members may also submit suggestions for revisions via an online form. Changes are first discussed, reviewed and approved by the committee (or a smaller task force first, if needed, and then brought to the full committee for a vote). If substantial changes are recommended, a draft may be submitted to the membership for comment, and additional revisions made based on comments received. Once the Standards Committee has approved the changes, the Board of Directors votes on the final document. The Executive Director then handles the communications about the changes to the membership, vendors, and the media.  

Standards Education

Assists the Standards Consultant with educating members, and others in the career services profession about the Standards. Maintains consistency on interpretation of Standards issues and member questions as much as reasonably possible. The Standards Consultant keeps an ongoing list of questions to refer back to in order to ensure consistency in responses. Works with the Standards Consultant to provide advice regarding questions received from the membership as needed. Note: the Standards Consultant is the first point of contact with members regarding the Standards. He/she consults with the committee about interpretation and question response as needed. He/she also coordinates and conducts all Standards training, with the assistance of the committee.

Ongoing training about the Standards and the Compliance Review process is provided to the membership in the following ways:
  • The Global Conference typically includes a plenary session about the Full-time MBA  Standards. The focus of this session is for those who are new to these Standards. Separate concurrent breakout sessions are held regarding the Part-time MBA and Specialty Masters Standards, as well as an additional more advanced session about the Full-time MBA Standards if needed. The Standards Consultant presents the sessions, along with committee members if needed. Work with the Executive Director in December these sessions are on the schedule for the conference. 
  • The European Conference typically includes a Standards training and discussion that covers all three sets of Standards. The Standards Consultant presents this, along with Standards Committee members who will be present at the conference and others as needed. When possible, schools in Europe are asked to assist with the presentation. 
  • The Asian Conference typically includes a high-level Standards training and discussion that covers all three sets of Standards. A board member and/or school in Asia familiar with the Standards typically presents this.
  • Webinars are delivered on Standards as needed throughout the year. The Standards Consultant presenters these, with assistance from the Committee Chairs and other senior members of the committee as needed. Webinar recordings are available through the Document Library.
  • Members submit questions about the Standards to the email addresses on the web site, which are received by the Executive Director, Standards Consultant and Standards Committee Chairs. The Standards Consultant provides a response to most questions within 48 hours. If needed, the Consultant will communicate with the Standards Committee Chairs and Executive Director regarding cases that need further investigation.

Employment Data Collection

  • Supports the employment data collection. Provides advice and testing for changes to the system, as needed. Works closely with the Standards Consultant, who managers the creation of and revisions to the survey and reports. 

Rankings Media

The Executive Director is the primary manager of all media relationships, including rankings media. The committee assists in the following ways:
  • If possible, the Standards Committee Chair (or another appointee) attends the annual media meetings in NY and DC each year, along with the President and Executive Director. Additional meetings and phone calls with media institutions may be added to the schedule as feasible.
  • Assists the Executive Director with responding to media inquiries regarding the standards, if needed.
  • Assists with interpretation of surveys requested by rankings publications and dissemination of information to the membership. Reviews surveys in advance (if provided by the rankings media) and creates advisories to be distributed to the membership. The process for rankings survey review and advisories is as follows:
    1. A rankings survey is received, either by the media (preferred), or from a committee member who has received the survey from their Marketing Department. A member of each of the subcommittees should be asked to serve as a primary contact to make sure surveys are received by the committed as quickly as possible once they are disseminated by the rankings media.
    2. The survey is sent to either the full committee or a subgroup who is working on this topic. The group reviews the survey and compares it with the Standards, making note of any discrepancies. Be sure to pay attention to all survey questions, not just the ones that are designated as being about careers or outcomes. Ideally, a quick turnaround would be used for this (i.e. 2 – 3 days).
    3. A full list of discrepancies, including specific references to the survey and the Standards and recommendations for the advisory, is sent to the subcommittee chair and the Executive Director for final review/comment. Once an agreement is made, an advisory is created and sent to the membership by the Executive Director.

      Sample survey review:

      Question 2 of the survey includes “Communications” as an industry, but according to the Standards Table 4B, the industry should be “Marketing/Sales.” Recommendation: ask members to include students in the “Marketing/Sales” industry under “Communications” in the survey.

Standards Compliance Review (Full-time MBA Standards Subcommittee only)

  • Provides support to the Standards Consultant for the Standards Compliance Review process, as needed. The committee’s main role is to make sure the process is in compliance with the Standards and provide assistance to the Standards Consultant as needed
  • Compliance Reviews are conducted by a third party CPA firm, Urish Popeck. The Standards Consultant manages the process. 
  • Once per year, a general summary of findings (without specific details) will be presented by the CPA firm. This can be used as an educational tool on general issues with school usage of the Standards and in training. The Standards committee does not see the individual results from the reviews, but serves as a guide in case any questions arise during the process
  • At the end of the cycle for each year, the process and communications are reviewed by a group of committee members to ensure ongoing relevancy and recommend tweaks as needed. 

Vendor Compliance Review (Full-time MBA Standards Subcommittee only)

This program provides vendors that use student surveys to capture and report employment data with a yearly license/certification to use the Standards. The Standards Consultant manages the program and utilizes assistance from the committee if an interpretation of the Standards is needed during the certification process.


  • Provides continuous leadership and succession planning to develop a generation of knowledgeable Standards leaders.
  • Ensures globalization of Standards and accessibility by international members.