Standards Committee SOP's

Updated July 2019

Overall Committee Role

The Standards  for Reporting Employment Statistics are one of the pillars of MBA CSEA, and one of the reasons the organization was created in 1994 (click here for a history of the organization's founding). They remain a key priority for the board and the organization, and their importance to the industry cannot be underestimated.

The MBA CSEA Standards Committee was originally formed to develop reporting standards appropriate for the MBA career services profession. The committee has since evolved to include standards for master’s in business degrees.View a history of the Standards formation process to date.

The Standards Committee plays a critical role in applying consistent, holistic, ethical interpretation, education and implementation of the Standards, ensuring that they are widely accepted and utilized across industry.

The Standards Committee is broken up into three subcommittees, one for each set of Standards:
Full-time MBA 
Part-time MBA
Specialty Masters

Each subommittee has one or more co-chairs, and the overall Standards Committee has one chair. 

More specific committee roles and responsibilities are outlined in subsections of these SOP's (see navigation links on the left side of the page).
Individual Roles
Committee Responsibilities 

The Standards Committee utilizes collaboration tools for timeline management and file storage. Committee members receive access to these tools when they are added to the committee roster.

Committee Member Selection 

Due to the high level of knowledge required in order to make decisions regarding the Standards, and in order to maintain a diverse representative of the membership and the industry, Standards Committee members are selected on an invitation-only basis, with the following considerations taken into account. Note that definitions for each may vary depending on the subcommittee.
  • A representative from a large school
  • A representative from a small school
  • A representative from a top tier ranked school
  • A representative from a second or third tier, or non-ranked school
  • At least one representative from an international school (one from Europe and one from Asia, if possible)
  • A user of each of the vendors that is licensed as part of the MBA CSEA Vendor Standards Compliance Program, as well as a school that uses a home-grown employment data system.

Committee Member Criteria/Expectations

Committee members are expected to do the following:
  • Members and the schools they represent are required to follow the MBA CSEA Reporting Standards for the programs with which they house, as well as make their Full-time MBA data eligible for a Standards Compliance Review (if applicable).  
  • Actively participate in monthly conference calls and participate on subcommittees as needed.  Take an active role with committee responsibilities during their term on the Standards Committee.
  • Committee members must have a strong knowledge of and support the Standards for Reporting Employment Statistics as well as decisions made by the committee and the board.
  • Read the Standards and all associated documentation, including historical documentation
  • Speak with a unified message outside the committee meetings – in public and with other MBA CSEA members – with regard to the Standards and their interpretation.
  • Maintain a strong work ethic and ability to make consistent, ethical decisions regarding the Standards.
  • Possess a strong knowledge of the MBA/Masters in Business employment industry and program(s), as applicable to the subcommittee in which they are involved.