Standards Committee: Education

The Standards Committee, Executive Director, and Standards Consultant collaborate to ensure MBA CSEA members maintain a high level of understanding of the Standards. The committee assists with Standards education in the following ways:

  • Maintains consistency on interpretation of Standards issues and member questions as much as reasonably possible. The Standards Consultant keeps an ongoing list of questions to refer back to in order to ensure consistency in responses and reaches out to the committee regarding cases that need further discussion. 
  • Assists with training about the Standards and the Compliance Review process as needed. Training is provided to the membership in the following ways:
    • The Global Conference typically includes a plenary (standalone) session about the Full-time MBA  Standards. The focus of this session is for those who are new to these Standards. If feasible, separate concurrent breakout sessions are held regarding the Part-time MBA and Specialty Masters Standards, as well as an additional more advanced session about the Full-time MBA Standards if needed. The Standards Consultant presents the sessions, along with committee members if needed.
    • The European Conference typically includes a Standards training and discussion that covers all three sets of Standards. Standards Committee members who will be present at the conference will assist with this. MBA CSEA staff generally present the information, depending on who is available. 
    • The APAC Conference typically includes a high-level Standards training and discussion that covers all three sets of Standards. A board member and/or school in Asia familiar with the Standards typically presents this, with the Standards Consultant providing the presentation materials.
    • Webinars and other virtual training are delivered on Standards as needed throughout the year. The Standards Consultant presents these sessions, with assistance from members of the committee as needed. Webinar recordings are available through the Document Library.
    • Members submit questions to the Standards Consultant, who provides a response to most questions within 48 hours. If needed, the Consultant will communicate with the Standards Committee Chairs, working group chairs and Executive Director regarding cases that need further investigation.