2023.2024 Standards Revisions

The Standards Committee conducts a review of the Standards for potential updates approximately every 4 - 5 years. Because a Standards revision is a significant investment of time and resources on the part of CSEA, member schools, licensed vendors, and other constituents, revisions are only made when determined necessary because of a significant and ongoing change in market or industry trends or continuous requests from the membership. 

The 2023/2024 revisions process is as follows:
Updated 12/4/23

Item Timeframe
The CSEA Standards Consultant keeps a list of frequently asked questions from the membership. Ongoing
Standards revisions teams were created for each set of Standards based on interest, as well as diversity (school size, school ranking, geographic location, etc.).  March, 2023
Concerns with the Standards were captured during in-person conferences in Asia, Europe and the United States March, April & June, 2023
CSEA members completed a survey allowing for additional requests for changes May, 2023
Revision teams met and began the process to recommend changes May, June, 2023
The CSEA board reviewed initial proposals from the review teams to provide additional insight June, 2023
Revision teams continue to meet and narrow down recommendations.  August 2023 - 
A member survey was distributed to gather additional feedback about specific changes being considered December 2023

Check back often to track the progress, or contact us with questions or ideas.