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The MBA CSEA 2017 Career Services Benchmarking Survey analyzes operational data among our member schools in areas such as staff size, program types and services used. Survey participants are provided with access to an online portal which contains searchable aggregate data and comparisons. Schools that provided salary and operating budget information also have access to aggregate information on those data points. If your school participated in the survey and you don’t recall your access information, please contact Greg Manns for more information. 

Schools that were not able to participate in the survey may purchase access to a subset of results for $399. The report contains full aggregate data for all participating schools, with the exclusion of salary and operating budget information (which is only accessible to schools who participated in the survey).


2019 Benchmarking Survey
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The 2019 MBA CSEA Benchmarking Survey Report presents key information about the services, programming and operations of career services offices that primarily support MBA populations.


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