MBA CSEA data, trends and research helps memebers stay up to date on the latest trends in the marketplace. The Standards ensure data is collected according to market trends and peer-reviewed best practices. Learn more.

MBA CSEA members share how CSEA data impacts their job:

"MBA CSEA is an exceptional network that allows me to make connections with schools across the countries. I value the research and online resources provided by the organization. I've used many stats and sound bites from the Recruiting Trends surveys in presentations to senior leadership.  The expert advice and knowledge transfer has helped me to influence our MBA recruiting strategic direction."
- Karen Fox, Vanguard
“The roots of our organization grew from a common desire to standardize how MBA programs tracked and reported employment data. Twenty years later, the MBA CSEA has evolved into a dynamic professional organization, while keeping focused on the core values of our founders through the Standards”.-Steven Rakas, Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon
"Often when I am trying to advocate for more staffing or budget I have referred to the information in the Career Services benchmarking surveys to help me make the case to university leaders. When sharing industry norms or explaining why certain industries thrived while others didn't, the recruitig trends survey helps me explain hiring trends and creates a bigger story for incoming students, current students, and university leadership." - Maggie Tomas, Director, Graduate Business Career Center, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
"Through a confidential consultation, school’s participating in AUP receive valuable input (and assurance) on the effectiveness and accuracy of their current processes.  Furthermore, MBA CSEA AUP participation helps to instill trust and confidence in a school’s public reports on its MBA employment outcomes"- Paul Poissant, Director, Employer Relations, Penn State University