Vendor Standards Compliance

Many vendors in the MBA /Masters marketplace provide products that allow schools to enter their student and/or aggregate level employment data in order to produce reports. It is to the benefit of our membership to know which of these vendors are using the copyrighted Standards for Reporting Employment Statistics in the correct way in order to ensure the reports are Standards-compliant. 

Our Vendor Standards Compliance program allows participating vendors to undergo a thorough review of their technology by a third party firm to ensure that the reports produced are Standards-compliant.

Vendor Status Update

Full-time MBA Program Standards

The following companies are certified for the current version of the Full-time MBA Standards (V.VI). 

Specialty Masters Program Standards

The following company is certified for the current version of the Specialty Masters Program Standards (V.VI). 

The following company is in the process of becoming certified for the Specialty Masters Program Standards (V.I):


​Part-time MBA Program Standards

The following company is certified for the current version of the Part-time MBA Program Standards (V.I):

The following companies are in the process of becoming certified for the Part-time MBA Program Standards (V.I):



Look for the MBA CSEA Approved Standards Vendor mark on vendors' products: