Virtual Programming Committee SOP's

The Virtual Programming Committee identifies the professional development needs of the MBA CSEA membership and facilitates virtual programming to meet those needs. The committee focuses on one-time programming through webinars, virtual round tables and other similar events. Conference and Boot Camp committees are responsible for the programming for the larger, multi-day events.

Specifically, the committee:

  • Works with the Board Liaison and Executive Director to ensure organizational programming meets the needs and strategic goals of the organization, as defined by the Board of Directors.
  • Utilizes surveys and other means to identify professional development needs of the membership. Existing surveys that provide programming insight include: conference evaluations, feedback forms from webinars, and other membership surveys.
  • Coordinates webinars and virtual round tables, working closely with the Executive Director who provides guidance and technical direction/support in utilization of webinar technology solution(s).
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of programs for continuous improvement.

The committee utilizes online collaboration tools for project management and historical document storage. New committee members will be provided with access to these tools once they join the committee.

Committee Composition

The committee should be diverse enough to be representative of the membership, including small schools, large schools, top tier and non-ranked schools, European schools, Asian schools, and employers. Ideal skills sets include: strong industry knowledge, ability to organize programming, high level of comfort with facilitating webinars and round tables. Familiarity with virtual programming technology is not necessary, as the technical aspects of the events are managed by staff. 

Committee Deliverables

Virtual Round Tables