Professional Development: Virtual Round Tables - Round Table Lead Instructions

Each Virtual Round Table is lead by a point person - typically from the Professional Development Committee - who manages the event from start to finish, working closely with the Executive Director and Committee Chairs as indicated. The lead also serves as faciliator during the event. At times, a non-commtitee member may faciliate a round table as needed, based on the topic and audience.

Timeline & Checklist

(to be adjusted based on member needs and organizational priorities)
Task Timeline
Set date, determine topic (if used) 2 - 3 weeks out
Send promotional material to Executive Director 2 - 3 weeks out
Log in to the round table 15 minutes out

Pre-Event Activities

  1. Along with the Professional Development Committee and Executive Director, determine the topic and audience based on the organization’s strategic priorities, member feedback, and committee input. Round tables don't always have specific topics (they can be general discussions, such as in the case with employers), but it's helpful to have one to drive participation. Some round tables are open to all members; others are for niche audiences such as European members, APAC members or employer members.
  2. Determine dates and times based on availability of the Event Lead and Executive Director (ED) (or Administrative Assistant, depending on who is running the technical aspects).
  3. Develop the topic, title and marketing teaser for the event, to include:
    • Facilitator name, title and organization
    • Brief (one paragraph) description of the topic and audience
  4. Prepare questions to get the conversation started. It's recommended that at least 10 questions be prepared, just in case they are needed. If needed, the Executive Director can provide examples of questions from past round tables as examples.
  5. Look at the RSVP list in advance to get an idea of who will be attending and develop questions accordingly. The Executive Director will send the RSVP list the day before the event.
  1. Provide the marketing information to the Executive Director for the web site and email distribution. 
  2. The Executive Director will send an email to members to promote the event, and the Administrative Assistant will add the event to MBA CSEA’s web site. RSVP’s are collected through the web site. The RSVP deadline is typically one day before the webinar. This allows us to maximize attendance while also providing enough time to distribute the login details in a timely manner. For Employer Round Tables, the Executive Director will also send an Outlook calendar invite to serve as an additional reminder.
  3. The Event Lead (or another committee member) can also promote the round table in the MBA CSEA Linkedin group and the online community, MBA CSEA Connect.

During the Event

  1. Log in to the Round Table 15 minutes in advance (along with the Executive Director/Administrative Assistant), using the login information that is sent to all participants the day before the event (there is no separate login for facilitators or event leads). You can log in using VOIP or separate audio/video. 
  2. The Executive Director or Administrative Assistant will handle all technical/administrative aspects of the event. This includes: recording the event and muting callers as needed due to background noise. As an Event Lead, you do not need to have any special technical expertise. 
  3. The role of the event lead during the event is as follows:
    1. Introduce the topic at the beginning, and welcome people to the event.
    2. Ask questions to get the conversation started and keep it going. If needed, call on individuals to ask for their expertise or input. Keep an eye on the chat, as some people will ask questions and provide comments there (especially with larger groups). Make sure one or two people don't dominate the conversation.
    3. Close out the event at the end, thanking the speaker(s) and making any necessary announcements (see sample script below)