Virtual Volunteer Orientation

Welcome to MBA CSEA (and if you've volunteered with us before, welcome back!). We're thrilled to have you on one of our committes.

Our volunteers are incredibly important to us; in fact, they are mission-critical! In order to ensure you have a positive volunteer experience, as well as answer frequently asked questions, we have created this brief Virtual Volunteer Orientation. You'll learn important information about our strategic priorities, explore the different committees, and learn about expectations for volunteers. Ifyou've watched our orientation videos in the past, you will find the updated information helpful.

We appreciate your spending  around15 minutes learning more about volunteering with MBA CSEA!
Volunteer Orientation Part I: Organization Background
Mission, vision, values, strategic priorities, roles
Length: 7:00

Volunteer Orientation Part II: Committees
Committee descriptions, selection process, tools
Length: 7:00

Volunteer Orientation Part III: The Volunteer Experience
Importance of volunteers, benefits to volunteering, expectations
Length: 3:00

If you have any questions about the materials in this orientation, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director

We look forward to working with you!

"Being involved as a volunteer in MBA CSEA is perhaps the best way I've discovered, over a long career in the industry, to connect in a meaningful manner with colleagues from other schools and companies to network, share, and contribute to common goals that in turn assist us all."

"Every benefit I have received from MBA CSEA is a result of labor of love from volunteers. I was glad to be a giver, to contribute to a great organization, and made many friends along the way."

"What you get out of the organization is directly proportional to what you give to the organization.  I have enjoyed volunteering over the past few years and I have benefited greatly as a result."