Volunteer Orientation

MBA CSEA utilizes the assistance of a large number of volunteers to assist with the implementation of our events, programs and services. The value our volunteers bring to the organization cannot be underestimated. We take the volunteer experience very seriously and aim to provide our volunteers with as many tools as possible in order to ensure a positive and successful experience. 

Our brief Volunteer Orientation videos provide important background information about the association, our structure, and our priorities. Having this information helps ensure our volunteers and the committees they are a part of are well-positioned for success.

To ensure continuity and clarify common questions, every volunteer is asked to watch the orientation videos each year (even if they have watched them in the past). The videos will take approximately 15 minutes to watch together, and are divided up into sections for convenience.

Part I: Organization Background

Part II: The Volunteer Experience

After watching the videos, please click here to complete the Committee Member Agreement.