Professional Development Committee: Webinars - Webinar Lead Instructions

Each webinar is lead by a point person from the Professional Development Committee, who manages the event from start to finish, working closely with the Executive Director and Committee Chairs as indicated. 

Timeline & Checklist

(to be adjusted based on member needs and organizational priorities)

Task Timeline
Set date, determine topic, contact speakers 8 weeks out
Send Webinar Marketing Materials Template to ED 6 weeks out
Send speaker(s) the Webinar Presenter Instructions 6 weeks out (as soon as the informaiton is confirmed)
Collect webinar presentation materials and send to ED 1 week out
Click on the links in the Webinar Presenter Instructions to make sure you have the necessary software, and reminder speaker(s) to do the same 1 week out
Send speaker(s) the Webinar Presenter Instructions again (as a reminder) 1 week out
If needed, schedule a dry run with the speakers and ED 1 week out
Log in to the webinar 30 minutes out

Pre-Event Activities

  1. Along with the Professional Development Committee, determine the topic based on the organization’s strategic priorities, member feedback, current industry trends and committee input.
  2. Make contact with speaker(s) for event.  The Webinar Lead will serve as the primary contact/liaison with the speakers for the event in order to maximize efficiency and minimize confusion. If the speakers are referred to the commtitee by someone else, the referrer should make an introduction and allow the Webinar Lead to communicate.
  3. Ideally, there will be a maximum of two speakers if using a formal PowerPoint presentation; four speakers if the session is a panel with no presentation.
  4. Determine dates and times based on availability of the Event Lead, Executive Director (ED) (or Administrative Assistant, depending on who is running the technical aspect), and speakers. Most webinars take place at 11 am ET in order to maximize accessibility for most time zones.
    1. Check with the PD Committee Chair about the expected time (i.e. specific weeks)
    2. Obtain availability from the speakers.
    3. Send a list of multiple proposed dates/times to the ED, who will determine which dates work the best within the organization's calendar.
  5. Work with the speakers to develop the topic, title and marketing teaser for the event. The following information is collected from the speaker(s) and entered into the Webinar Marketing Materials Template, which is sent to the Executive Director to be used for marketing purposes:
    • Speaker name, title, organization and email address
    • Brief speaker bio (100 words or less)
    • Brief description of the program (2 – 3 paragraphs)
    • Speaker headshot, in jpg format  (this will be included in the email sent to attendees with the login information)
  6. Send the Webinar Presenter Instructions to the presenters as soon as the information is confirmed.This will allow them to understand how the technology works and what tools will be available, to assist them with the content development.
  7. If desired, schedule a dry run to walk through the webinar software one week in advance. Capture availability from the speaker(s) and reach out to the ED direclty to schedule the dry run. The ED will send login details for the dry run to the speakers and Webinar Lead.
  1. Provide the completed Webinar Marketing Materials Templete to the Executive Director for the web site and email distribution. 
  2. The Executive Director will send an email to members to promote the event, and the Administrative Assistant will add the event to MBA CSEA’s web site. RSVP’s are collected through the web site. The RSVP deadline is typically one day before the webinar. This allows us to maximize attendance while also providing enough time to distribute a reminder about the login details in a timely manner.
  3. Events are also marketed in the MBA CSEA monthly e-news.
  4. The Executive Director will post a link to the webinar registration through the MBA CSEA social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn). The Event Lead (or another committee member) can also promote it in the MBA CSEA Linkedin group and the online community, MBA CSEA Connect.
Managing Speakers
  1. Collect webinar content (i.e. PowerPoint slides or other documents to be used during the presentation including videos) and send it to the Executive Director one week in advance. The materials should be final, and ideally would not be changed once they are sent. Note: If the presenter wants to share a video, we must receive the actual video file in a size of 300 MB or less. The video will be uploaded into our presentation software. The software does not support sharing audio through the Internet. 
  2. Send the webinar presenters the Webinar Presenter Instructions as soon as the infomration is confirmed (and provide an additoinal reminder one week in advance as well).
    Call their attention to two important aspects of the instructions:
    1. Make sure they visit the link at the top of the document ahead of time to ensure their computer is set up with the necessary software. This will help avoid potential technical difficulties the day of the event. 
    2. Remind them not to call in using a speaker phone, which will lead to feedback on the phone line. Using a land line with a headset is the ideal situation.
  3. IMPORTANT: Prior to the event, please visit this link to make sure your computer is set up and has the necessary software. Once you have done that click here to test your system. 
    If you have trouble downloading the software, please contact technical support for ReadyTalk, MBA CSEA’s webinar software provider:
    U.S. and Canada: 800.843.9166
    International: 303.209.1600
  4. The login details for the webinar will be sent to everyone in the event confirmation email, as well as in an reminder email the day before the event. The ED will send the login details to the speakers the day before the event. .She will send the final RSVP list to the Committee Co-Chairs and Event Lead the day before the event as well.

During the Event

  1. Log in to the webinar 30 minutes in advance (along with the Executive Director/Administrative Assistant and speakers), using the login information that is sent to all participants the day before the event (there is no separate login for speakers or event leads). Be sure to log in to the web portion as well as dial in to the audio portion using the phone number provided. Please call in using a phone not VOIP to ensure a clear connection, and do not use a speaker phone (and remind speakers to do the same).
  2. The Executive Director or Administrative Assistant will handle all technical/administrative aspects of the event. This includes: promoting you and speaker to presenter status so you can see the administrative controls, and muting callers as needed due to background noise. As an Event Lead, you do not need to have any special technical expertise. 
  3. Ask the speaker(s) when they prefer to receive questions (throughout the presentation or at the end). It is recommended that they hold off until the end in order to make sure they can get through the full presentation and also manage the timing appropriately.
  4. The role of the event lead during the event is as follows:
    1. Introduce the speaker(s) at the beginning and making technical announcements (see sample script below),
    2. Handle Q&A, either during or at the end of the presentation. The Executive Director will explain how to do this either during the dry run or when you log in 30 minutes prior to the event. If you are not comfortable doing it, the ED can assist.
    3. If necessary, remind the speaker(s) about the time frame and give them a two-minute warning before the close of the webinar. This can be done using the chat feature so as not to interrupt the presentation.
    4. Close out the event at the end, thanking the speaker(s) and making any necessary announcements (see sample script below).
  5. Tips for facilitators while speakers are presenting:
    1. During the presentation, be attentive.
    2. Mute your phone.
    3. Keep track of the time; jump in near the end if needed.

Print Screens

Administrative control screen, once webinar has started and you have been promoted to Presenter: 


What participants see during the webinar:

Starting the Webinar

  1. The Executive Director/Admin Assistant will select the “record” button to start the recording. After about 10 seconds, the system will announce that the recording has started. You can then begin your announcements.
  2. Provide a brief introduction to the webinar, including technical announcements and speaker introductions. See below for a script to use as a guide.

 Managing Q&A

  • Participants will ask questions using the chat feature at the bottom of the screen. Their questions/commens will be seen by the presenters and all participants. When a question comes through, you can right click on the question to mark it as a question (this will change the question text to italics). Once the question has been answered by the presenter, you can right click again to mark it as answered (this will cross out the text).

Closing the Webinar
  1. Thank the speaker(s) again.
  2. Let attendees know that a brief online evaluation will appear on their screen as soon as the webinar closes. We appreciate their completing the evaluation.
  3. Announce any upcoming MBA CSEA events or deadlines.
  4. Announce the next webinar, if it is scheduled.
  5. Let attendees know that they will be able to access documents and a recording of the webinar in the Document Library, which can be accessed through their login at
Technical support during a webinar
Select the “help” button at the top of the screen, or call: 800-843-9166.

Sample Scripts

Good morning! This is (        name_____ ) from  (insert university or organization.) I am a (member …or co-chair) of the MBA CSEA Professional Development committee.  Welcome to all of our webinar participants. If this is the first time you’ve joined our event, we are pleased you have decided to experience today’s session. If you are returning, we are pleased that you have joined us again. (If we expect to have guests or have invited attendees other than MBA CSEA members, include a welcome to them specifically by group. For example—MBA Admissions professionals, HR managers)
I have few technology pointers before we move on to (insert event name, and/or presenters’ names)
  • In order to avoid disruptions and background noise, we have placed all participants in "listen only mode."  
  • To ask a question or contribute to the discussion, please type your question direclty into the chat screen, which can be found on the bottm left side of your screen
  • This meeting is being recorded, and it will be available in the Document Library, which can be accesed through your login at: 
On to today’s session!
(Insert Webinar title)
Start with a brief intro/several sentences to introduce the topic;
Consider incorporating the following: Why we decided to offer this topic;
Why it is of interest to our members; Did members request this topic? Was it presented at a conference to rave reviews?
Speaker Introductions
Next introduce the speakers and include some information on them 
(Speaker 1 Name)                                                                                           
(Add short bio/relevant information) 
(Speaker 2 Name) 
(Add short bio/relevant information)
Include any other speakers 
(Turn webinar over to the Presenters/Speakers)
At this point, we are ready to move on to today’s presentation…it is with pleasure that I turn it over to (speakers’ names).  (Insert your language to do this)

  1. Thank the speaker again:
    (Consider: (Speakers names: —we will really appreciate your presentation and sharing your insights on (add topic, goals take-aways)
  2. Let attendees know that a brief evaluation of the webinar will appear on their screen once the webinar closes, and we appreciate their taking a few minutes to complete it.
  3. Announce any upcoming MBA CSEA events –(insert upcoming webinars or conferences and dates)
Wrap-up Script
Thanks again for joining us today and for your enthusiastic participation. We hope that you will attend another MBA CSEA Professional Development event soon!